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Ministry of Defence
of the Republic of Serbia
Ministarstvo odbrane Republike Srbije
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Agency overview
Formed 1811
Jurisdiction Government of Serbia
Headquarters 24-26 Birčaninova St.
11000 Belgrade
Annual budget RSD 72,763 billion (2009)
Agency executive
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The Ministry of Defence of Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Ministarstvo odbrane Republike Srbije) is the governmental department responsible for defending the Republic of Serbia from internal and external military threats.

Officials and organisation[edit]

The current Minister of Defence is Zoran Đorđević. Assistant Ministers are Miroslav Jovanović for defence policy, Jovan Mijaković for human resources, Jasminka Todorov for material resources, and Srbislav Cvejić for finances and budget.[1]

  • Minister of Defence
    • Defence Minister’s cabinet
      • MoD protocol section
    • State Secretaries
      • Department for emergency situations
      • Department for budget and finances
    • Department for public relations
    • General Staff
    • Defence Policy Sector
      • Department for organisation
      • Department for strategic planning
      • Department for International Military Cooperation
      • Strategic research institute
    • Secretariat
      • Department for Legal Affairs
      • Operational Affairs Section
    • Human Resources Sector
      • Personnel Department
      • Department for Military Obligations
      • Department of Military Education
      • Military Social Security Fund
      • Military Academy
    • Material Resources Sector
      • Logistics Department
      • Military Geographical Institute
      • Procurement Department
      • Defensive Technologies Department
      • Military Technical Institute Belgrade
        • Overhaul direction
          • Technical overhaul institute Čačak
          • Technical overhaul institute Kragujevac
          • Aeronautical Plant "Moma Stanojlović" Batajnica
      • General Logistics Department
        • Military institution "Karadjordjevo"
        • Military institution "Dedinje
        • Military institution Morava
        • Military institution "Tara"
        • Military institution "Vrnjacka Banja"
        • Military institution "Morovic"
        • Forest house "Tara"
      • Health Care Department
        • Military Medical Centre institutions Belgrade
        • Military Hospital Niš
        • Military Medical Centre Novi Sad
        • Central store-pharmacy
        • Military Medical Commission.
      • Infrastructure Department
        • Management of construction engineering
          • Military construction institution "Belgrade"
          • Military institution for the maintenance of buildings and dwellings "Belgrade-2"
          • Military Project Office Belgrade
        • Directorate for urban construction-consulting
          • Military construction centre "Belgrade"
          • Military Construction centre "Niš"
      • Transport Section
      • Military Medical Academy
    • Military Intelligence Agency
    • Military Security Agency


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