Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (Iran)

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Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics
وزارت دفاع و پشتیبانی نیروهای مسلح جمهوری اسلامی ایران
Agency overview
Formed 22 August 1989
Jurisdiction Islamic Republic of Iran
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) is the defense ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was formed in 1989 and has control both over Iran's regular forces and over its Revolutionary Guard, particularly bringing the latter under the overall defense umbrella by reducing its institutional autonomy, abolishing its independent ministry and bringing its command structures under the new Ministry.

The ministry is one of the three "sovereign" ministrial bodies of Iran due to nature of its work at home and abroad.[1]

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