Ministry of Education (Saudi Arabia)

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Ministry of Education
وزارة التعليم
Government body overview
Formed 1925; 93 years ago (1925) as Directorate of Knowledge
Preceding agencies
  • Directorate of Knowledge (1925-1953)
  • Ministry of Knowledge (1953-2003)
Jurisdiction Government of Saudi Arabia
Headquarters Takhassusi St, Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12334, Saudi Arabia
Government body executive

The Ministry of Education (MOE; Arabic: وزارة التعليم‎) is a ministry of Saudi Arabia. As of December 2015, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammad Al-Issa is the minister.[1] Headquartered in Riyadh,[2] it oversees primary, secondary, and higher education.


In 1926, Sultan of Nejd Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud annexed Kingdom of Hejaz and dissolved the government of Hijaz as well as the Sultanate of Nejd and established the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz with running a dual monarchy. King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud established the Council for Knowledge which focused on education in Hejaz region. In 1953, King Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud established and merged the previous Directorate of Knowledge to Ministry of Knowledge and appointed the then Prince Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud as the Minister on December 24, 1953. In 1960, Crown Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud established General Presidency for Girls’ Education. In 2002, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud issued a royal decree which merged General Presidency for Girls’ Education to the Ministry of Knowledge and the Ministry was renamed as Ministry of Education in 2003.


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