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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM, Finnish: työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö, Swedish: arbets- och näringsministeriet) is one of the ministries of the Finnish Government. The ministry implements industry, labor, and local development policies.

There are three ministerial portfolios located within the ministry:[1]

The ministry was formed in 2008 by merging the former Ministry of Labour (työministeriö), the former Ministry of Trade and Industry (kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriö), and parts of the Ministry of the Interior (sisäministeriö) related to local administration. The first minister was Mauri Pekkarinen. The combination was called superministeriö because it was so large and diverse. The intention of the merger was to make sure that labor policy and industrial policy, as well as others such as immigration policy and regional policy, are coordinated and don't go separate ways.

The ministry manages 15 local employment and economy offices, 15 local Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and a host of separate national agencies.



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