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The Ministry of Environment (or MoE), was a Cabinet-level ministry of Government of Pakistan, tasked and primarily responsible for planning, coordinating, promoting, protecting and overseeing the policy implementation of government sanctioned environmental and forestry programmes in the country. Its government activities included conservation, survey of fauna, flora, forestry, wildlife (including Wildflowers); protection and prevention of pollution control, afforestation, and land degradation mitigatio. The MoE was also responsible for administrating and establishing the National Parks of Pakistan.

The ministerial department or MoE was administrated by the Environment Minister of Pakistan who was also a leading member of cabinet of Prime minister of Pakistan.

The MoE had also contained the separate and autonomous government department— Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pakistan EPA). The EPA is a leading department of the MoE, usually tasked to handle the air pollution, radioactive waste management, promotion of civilian usage of environmental isotopes, while it also has the responsible to implementing and enforcing the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act in the country.

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency was an attached department of the Ministry of Environment and responsible to implement the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 in the country. An Act to provide for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of environment, for the prevention and control of pollution, and promotion of sustainable development. Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency also provides all kind of technical assistance to the Ministry of Environment for formulation of environment policy and programmes.

The ministry has been abolished under Constitutional requirements in Pakistan on June 30, 2011.

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