Ministry of Finance of Georgia

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Ministry of Finance of Georgia
საქართველოს ფინანსთა სამინისტრო
Greater coat of arms of Georgia.svg
Coat of Arms of Georgia
Logo of MoF
Agency overview
Superseding agency
  • State Ministry on Conflict Resolution Issues
Headquarters N16, V. Gorgasali str. Tbilisi, Georgia 0114
Annual budget 100 million (2015)[1]
Agency executive

The Ministry of Finance (Georgian: საქართველოს ფინანსთა სამინისტრო) is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Georgia in charge of regulating the financial sector in the Republic of Georgia. Incumbent minister is Dimitry Kumsishvili.


Main functions of the ministry is regulation of financial sector by ensuring sustainable economic development and financial stability; enforcing state policies on financial issues, budgeting and taxes; ensuring stability of state finances and development of financial markets in the country; attracting foreign creditors to Georgian economy; improvement of budgeting, tax forecasting, financial mechanisms; ensuring financial control over budgetary funds and spending; treasury development, revenue mobilization, provision of state budget funds management and controlling movement of funds within Georgia.[2]

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