Ministry of Finance (Vietnam)

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Ministry of Finance
Bộ Tài chính
Head office of the Ministry of Finance
Ministry overview
Formed 1945
Jurisdiction Government of Vietnam
Headquarters Ha Noi
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Finance (MOF, Vietnamese: Bộ Tài chính) is the government ministry responsible for the finances of the state of Vietnam, including managing the national budget, tax revenue, state assets, national financial reserves and the finances of state corporations. The Ministry manages the work of national accounting, state borrowing, the activities of stock markets, and the Department of Customs.[1] Ministry main offices are located in Hanoi.

The Ministry of Finance directly owns and controls some state companies, such as Bao Viet Insurance, of which it owns 71%.[2]

Ministerial units[edit]

  • Department of State Budget
  • Department of Investment
  • Department of Finance for National Defence and Security
  • Department of Public Expenditure
  • Department of Tax Policy
  • Department of Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Department of Accounting and Auditing Regulations
  • Department of Planning and Finance
  • Department of Emulation and Reward
  • Department of Organisation and Personnel
  • Department of International Cooperation
  • Department of Legislation
  • Office of the Ministry
  • Ministry Inspectorate
  • General Department of Taxation
  • General Department of Customs
  • General Department of National Reserves
  • State Treasury
  • State Securities Commission
  • Agency for Public Asset Management
  • Agency for Price Management
  • Agency for Corporate Finance
  • Agency for Financial Informatics and Statistics
  • Agency for Debt Management and External Finance
  • Agency for Insurance Supervisory and Management

Administrative units[edit]

  • National Institute for Finance (Institute of Financial Strategy and Policy)
  • Vietnam Financial Times
  • Finance Magazine
  • Training Centre for Finance Officers
  • Academy of Finance
  • University of Finance and Marketing
  • College of Accounting and Finance
  • College of Finance and Business Administration
  • College of Finance and Customs
  • Finance Publishing House

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