Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (Tanzania)

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Ministry of Finance (Tanzania)
Wizara ya Fedha na Uchumi  (Swahili)
Tanzania Ministry of Finance HQ.jpg
Ministry overview
Formed 1964
Jurisdiction Tanzania
Headquarters Madaraka Avenue, Dar es Salaam
6°48′0″S 39°17′42″E / 6.80000°S 39.29500°E / -6.80000; 39.29500Coordinates: 6°48′0″S 39°17′42″E / 6.80000°S 39.29500°E / -6.80000; 39.29500
Minister responsible
Deputy Ministers responsible
Ministry executive

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MoFEA) is a government ministry of Tanzania.

It "manages the overall revenue, expenditure, and financing of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and provides the Government with advice on the broad financial AFFAIRS of Tanzania in support of the Government's economic and social objectives."[1] Its duties include "preparing the Central Government budget; developing tax policy and legislation; managing Government borrowings on financial markets; determining expenditure allocations to different Government institutions; transferring central grants to local governments; developing regulatory policy for the country's financial sector in cooperation with the Bank of Tanzania[,] and representing Tanzania within international financial institutions."[1]

The ministry is located in Dar es Salaam[2] and is headed by Minister William Mgimwa.[3]

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