Ministry of Finance (Sri Lanka)

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Ministry of Finance
මුදල් අමාත්‍යාංශය
நிதி மற்றும் வெகுசன ஊடக அமைச்சு
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Agency overview
JurisdictionDemocratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
HeadquartersThe Secretariat, Lotus road, Colombo 1
6°55′51″N 79°50′39″E / 6.930965°N 79.844187°E / 6.930965; 79.844187
Minister responsible
Deputy Ministers responsible
Agency executive
  • Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga, Secretary to the Treasury
Child agencies
  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Credit Information Bureau
  • Department of Excise
  • Development Lotteries Board
  • Employees’ Trust Fund Board
  • Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank
  • Imports and Exports Control Department
  • Inland Revenue Department
  • Insurance Board of Sri Lanka
  • Kandurata Development Bank
  • Lanka Puthra Development Bank
  • National Development Trust Fund
  • National Insurance Trust Fund
  • National Lotteries Board
  • National Savings Bank
  • People’s Bank
  • Public Private Partnership Unit
  • Rajarata Development Bank
  • Ruhuna Development Bank
  • Sabaragamuwa Development Bank
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Sri Lanka Accounting and Auditing Standards Monitoring Board
  • Sri Lanka Customs
Coat of arms of Sri Lanka, showing a lion holding a sword in its right forepaw surrounded by a ring made from blue lotus petals which is placed on top of a grain vase sprouting rice grains to encircle it. A Dharmacakra is on the top while a sun and moon are at the bottom on each side of the vase.
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The Ministry of Finance (Sinhala: මුදල් අමාත්‍යාංශය Mudal Amathyanshaya; Tamil: நிதி மற்றும் வெகுசன ஊடக அமைச்சு) (also known as the Finance Ministry or the Treasury) is a cabinet ministry of the Government of Sri Lanka responsible for developing and executing the government's public finance policy, economic policy and long term fiscal planning. The Treasury is housed at the General Treasury Building (also referred to as The Secretariat) in Fort.

Although the officer of the treasurer of the British Government of Ceylon dates back to the early nineteenth century the Ministry of Finance was established in 1947 prior to the independence of Ceylon as the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury of Ceylon with young J.R Jayawardena as the first Minister of Finance. Over time the Ministry took over the policy planning which it currently undertakes.

Senior officials[edit]

Treasury departments[edit]

  • Department of Project Management and Monitoring
  • National Planning Department
  • External Resources Department
  • National Budget Department
  • Public Enterprises Department
  • Management Services Department
  • Fiscal Policy Department
  • Trade, Tariff & Investment Policy Department
  • Development Finance Department
  • Public Finance Department
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Treasury Operations Department
  • State Accounts Department
  • Management Audit Department.

Permanent secretaries[edit]

The position of Secretary to the Treasury is rooted in the post of Financial Secretary of the colonial Government of Ceylon this itself originated from the post of Treasurer of the colonial government. Appointments were made from the members of the British Civil Service and later from the Ceylon Civil Service. It was one of three the key government colonial posts, the others being Colonial Secretary and Law Secretary. The post of Financial Secretary came second in the order precedence after Colonial Secretary or Chief Secretary as the post was known.

Following independence in 1947 and the official post of Secretary of Treasury, with appointment begin of grade of an Permanent Secretary and to the most senior member and head of the Ceylon Civil Service. Most appointments in the recent past have been for persons who have not been the career civil servants and the post is concurrently held with that of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

  • Charles Ernest Jones, CCS (29.09.1947 – 12.12.1950)
  • Theodore Duncan Perera, CCS (13.12.1950 – 12.03.1951)
  • Arthur Godwin Ranasinha, CCS (12.04.1956 – 22.11.1959)
  • Leopold James Seneviratne, CCS (14.10.1954 – 14.08.1956)
  • Samson Felix Amarasinghe, OBE, CCS (15.08.1956 – 31.05.1961 )
  • H S Amarasinghe, CCS (01.06.1961 – 10.10.1963)
  • H E Tennekoone (11.06.1963 – 18.12.1963)
  • H J Samarakkody, CAS (19.12.1963 – 14.11.1968)
  • M. Rajendra, CAS (15.11.1968 – 06.05.1971)
  • C.A. Corray, SLAS (17.05.1971 – 01.07.1975)
  • Dr. L R Jayewardena (16.07.1975 – 08.03.1978)
  • Dr. W M Thilakeratne (28.03.1978 – 04.02.1987)
  • B Mahadeva (05.02.1987 – 19.07.1987)
  • C Chanmugam (20.07.1987 – 31.12.1988)
  • R Paskaralingam (04.01.1989 – 18.01.1994)
  • N V K K Weragoda (19.01.1994 – 18.08.1994)
  • A. S. Jayawardene (19.08.1994 – 07.11.1995)
  • B C Perera (08.01.1996 – 31.01.1998)
  • Dixon Nilaweera (16.03.1998 – 01.11.1999)
  • Dr. P.B. Jayasundera (01.11.1999 – 18.12.2001)
  • J Charitha Ratwatte (19.12.2001 – 02.04.2004)
  • Dr. P.B. Jayasundera (19.04.2004 – 17.09.2008)
  • S Abeysinghe, SLAS (17.09.2008 – 2009)
  • Dr. P.B. Jayasundera (2009 – 2015)

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