Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Guyana)

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Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Agency overview
Jurisdiction Guyana and its diplomatic missions worldwide
Headquarters 254 South Road & Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown
Agency executive
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government ministry of Guyana responsible for directing the nation's external relations and the operations of its international diplomatic missions. Carl Greenidge has directed the ministry as Minister of Foreign Affairs since May 2015. The ministry is located in the capital city, Georgetown.


Responsibilities of the ministry include the management of bilateral relations with individual nations and its representation in international organizations, including the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations, among others.[1] It also oversees visas, work permits, and immigration affairs.[2]

List of ministers[edit]

This is a list of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Guyana:[3]

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