Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Croatia)

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Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova
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Agency overview
Formed 31 May 1990
Jurisdiction Government of Croatia
Headquarters Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 7–8, Zagreb, Croatia
Employees 670 (2015)[1]
Annual budget Decrease[2] HRK 613 million (2015)[3]
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova or MVEP) is the ministry in the Government of Croatia which is in charge of foreign relations and admission into the European Union.

List of ministers[edit]

Palace of the Ministry on Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square in Zagreb

Foreign affairs ministers[edit]

The current Minister Davor Ivo Stier is the 13th Foreign Affairs Minister of Croatia. The longest serving minister was Mate Granić (1993–2000), under Prime Ministers Nikica Valentić and Zlatko Mateša, and the shortest serving was Davorin Rudolf who held the post for three months between May 1991 to July 1991 under Prime Minister Josip Manolić.

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Mršić, ZdravkoZdravko Mršić HDZ 31 May 1990 8 November 1990 161
Frane Vinko Golem HDZ 8 November 1990 3 May 1991 176
Rudolf, DavorinDavorin Rudolf HDZ 3 May 1991 31 July 1991 89
Šeparović, ZvonimirZvonimir Šeparović HDZ 31 July 1991 27 May 1992 301
Škrabalo, ZdenkoZdenko Škrabalo HDZ 9 June 1992 28 May 1993 353
Granić, MateMate Granić HDZ 28 May 1993 27 January 2000 2,435
Picula, ToninoTonino Picula SDP 27 January 2000 22 December 2003 1,425
Žužul, MiomirMiomir Žužul HDZ 23 December 2003 17 February 2005 422
Grabar-Kitarović, KolindaKolinda Grabar-Kitarović HDZ 17 February 2005 12 January 2008 1,059
Jandroković, GordanGordan Jandroković HDZ 13 January 2008 23 December 2011 1,440
Pusić, VesnaVesna Pusić[d] HNS 23 December 2011 22 January 2016 1,491
Kovač, MiroMiro Kovač HDZ 22 January 2016 19 October 2016 271
Stier, Davor IvoDavor Ivo Stier HDZ 19 October 2016 Incumbent 222
Source: (Croatian)

European integration ministers[edit]

The Ministry for European Integration was a short-lived ministry which was established during Prime Minister Ivica Račan in 2000. It grew out of the Government Office for European Integration and was later merged with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 2005 under Prime Minister Ivo Sanader. The ministry was charged with overseeing the changes to the legislation needed to comply with the community acquis in preparation and during the Accession of Croatia to the European Union.

Minister Party Term start Term end Days
in office
Mintas-Hodak, LjerkaLjerka Mintas-Hodak[a] HDZ 3 April 1998 27 January 2000 664
Jakovčić, IvanIvan Jakovčić[b] IDS 27 January 2000 21 June 2001 511
Mimica, NevenNeven Mimica SDP 28 September 2001 23 December 2003 816
Grabar-Kitarović, KolindaKolinda Grabar-Kitarović[c] HDZ 23 December 2003 16 February 2005 421


a. ^ Unofficial minister. Mintas-Hodak was head of the Government Office for European Integration (Croatian: Ured za europske integracije) established in 1998
b. ^ Jakovčić was appointed first head of the newly formed Ministry for European Integration in 2000 in the Cabinet of Ivica Račan I. The ministry was created out of the former Government Office for European Integration.
c. ^ Grabar-Kitarović was appointed European integration minister in 2003 in the Cabinet of Ivo Sanader I. On 16 February 2005 the Ministry for European Integration was merged with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Grabar-Kitarović took over as head of the merged ministry.
d. ^ Pusić was appointed to the post of Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, as the ministry was renamed in 2011 in the Cabinet of Zoran Milanović.

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