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Past and current governments of Afghanistan have included a minister of Haj and Religious Affairs in their Cabinet. The Current Acting Minister of Haj and Religious Affairs is Dr. Daiulhaq Abid.

The Ministry[edit]

The Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs is the key ministry responsible for addressing religious affairs in Afghanistan. Responsibilities for the Ministry include: sending Afghan Haji (pilgrims) for the performance of Haj to Saudi Arabia; sending mu’tamir (for the performance of Umrah Haj) through private tourism companies; collecting endowment-related revenues and submitting them to the government in a specific bank account; identification and acquisition of endowment-related property; providing girls and boys with Islamic teachings in the mosques and holy places; co-ordinating Qaris- and Hafiz-related affairs and ensuring cultural and publicity affairs; Khanqas; ensuring diplomatic relations with embassies and with Islamic welfare organisations around the globe through Ministry of Foreign Affairs; issuance of Fatwas and testing of Imams and preachers; better co-ordinating of preaching affairs through mosques and Takia khana; convening religious meetings and ceremonies; and raising public awareness on religious issues at the national and sub national level. The Ministry issues the Payam-e-Haq newsletter and oversees the work of the Islamic Studies Research Centre.[1]

The Ministers[edit]

Name Term Notes
Mohammad Hanif Balkhi December 2001 - June 2002
Mohammed Amin Naziryar June 2002 - December 2004
Nematullah Shahrani December 2004 - January 2010 Deputy minister was, until September 2009, Sayed Noorullah Murad.
Enayatullah Baleegh January 2010 - January 2010 Was nominated by President Karzai, but rejected by the Afghan House of the People.
Yusuf Niazi January 2010 - November 2014
Faiz Mohammad Usmani December 2014 – Present Is appointed as the acting minister by President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai


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