Ministry of Health (Iraq)

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Republic of Iraq
Ministry of Health
وزارة الصحة
Coat of arms of Iraq (2008).svg
Agency overview
Formed 1920
Jurisdiction Government of Iraq
Headquarters Baghdad Iraq
Agency executive
Website Official website

The Ministry of Health of Iraq was founded in the middle of previous century.

Its task is to provide health and medical services to every Iraqi citizen during normal and emergency circumstances in the country. The ministry also administrates the affairs of health and medical cadres in Iraq. It has a responsibility to provide best requirements of curative and health preventive security to all individuals of society. Health services have been developed by the ministry of health and its facilities. Consultative and service facilities expanded in a remarkable way. Iraqi people, hospitals and health centers suffered from wars and destruction. But, in spite of all these circumstances, health ministry and its cadres could provide best services to Iraqi citizens.

MOH in Kurdistan region is considered the main official institution, established in 1992 during the formation of the Kurdistan Government.

The Minister now is Dr.Majeed Hamadamine Jamil / Public Health

The health ministry demanded the government to have $3.8 billion budget noting that the ministry needs the amount to upgrade the health situation in Iraq.

Departmental structure[edit]

  • First Deputy
    • Blood Transfusion Center
    • Health Education Dept.
    • Finance & Auditing Dept.
  • Second Deputy
    • Liver Center
    • Cosmetics Center
    • Heart Center
    • Cancer Center
    • Forensic Medicine
    • International Health Dept
    • Diabetes Center
    • Poisoning Info. Center
    • Bone Marrow Center
    • Impotence Center
  • Popular Clinic Directorate
  • Baghdad Health Directorate / Rusafa
  • Baghdad Health Directorate / Karkh
  • Saddam Medical City Directorate
  • Yarmouk Medical Directorate
  • Directorates of Health in all Governorates
  • Directorate of Health Planning
    • Manpower Dept
    • Nursing Dept.
    • Statistics Dept.
    • Finance & Planning Dept
    • Training of Staff Dept.
    • Training of Staff Dept.
    • Building Planning Dept.
    • Self finances Dept.
  • Technical Affair Directorate
    • Laboratory Dept.
    • Pharmacy Dept.
    • Oral Health Dept.
    • Medical Committee Dept.
    • Curative Dept.
    • Quality Control Dept.
    • Consultation Dept.
  • Admin & Legal Affairs
    • Legal Dept.
    • Administration Dept.
    • Finance Dept.
    • Personnel Dept.
  • KIMADIA Company
    • Planning Dept.
    • Admin. Dept.
    • Drug Dist. Dept.
    • Drug Information Dept.
    • Finance Dept.
    • Printing Dept.
    • Technical Dept.
    • Vaccine & Sera Dept.
    • Equipment Dist. Dept.
    • Legal Dept.
    • Warehouses Dept.
    • Import Dept.
    • Repair Dept.
  • Inspection
    • Governmental Fac. Dept.
    • Non Governmental Fac. Dept.
    • Claims Dept.
    • Evaluation Dept.
    • Drug & Equipment Dept.
    • Technical Dept.
    • Industrial Security Dept.
  • Prevention
    • Public Health Lab.
    • PHC
    • Nutrient Dept.
    • Health Inspection Dept.
    • Aids Center
    • CDC

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