Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia)

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Health
وزارة الصحة
Saudi Ministry of Health.JPG
Agency overview
Formed 1950; 67 years ago (1950)
Jurisdiction Saudi Arabia
Headquarters Riyadh
Coordinates: 24°39′28″N 46°42′56″E / 24.65778°N 46.71556°E / 24.65778; 46.71556
Agency executive
  • Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, Minister

Ministry of Health (Arabic: وزارة الصحة‎) is the ministry responsible for the health of the citizens of Saudi Arabia. The current minister is Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah.

History and profile[edit]

In 1925, Saudi Arabia's first public health department was established in Makkah.[1] The department was responsible for building hospitals and healthcare centers and issuing and enforcing regulations to provide necessary standards for practicing medicine and pharmacology.[1] A public health council was also established to address the growing need for healthcare services and it was the highest-level supervisory board, overseeing all aspects of the country’s healthcare services.[1]

Then, these health-care institutions were transformed into a ministerial body in 1950.[2] Abdullah bin Faisal Al Saud was the first health minister.[3] The ministry is based in Riyadh.[4]

Health-care services in Saudi Arabia are provided by several public and private agencies. However, the ministry is the major planner and provider of these services.[5]



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