Ministry of Health and Population (Nepal)

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Ministry of Health
स्वास्थ्य मन्त्रालय
Government Agency overview
Headquarters Ramshah Path, Kathmandu
Annual budget NRs 33.52 billion (2014/2015)
Minister responsible
Incumbent Health Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa

Ministry of Health (MOH) is the parent governmental body for improving the health of the people including physical, mental and social well being of Nepalese people for overall national development with the increased participation of the private sector and non-government institutions of Nepal.

Position Name Notes
Minister[1] Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa
State Minister [2]
Secretary Dr. Senendra Raj Upreti[3]
Chief of Curative Division (चिकित्शा सेवा महाशाखा) Dr. Guna Raj Lohani
Public Health Administration (जनस्वास्थ्य प्रशासन तथा अनुगमन मुल्यांकन महाशाखा) Dr. Rojen Kumar Shrestha
WHO Support Unit Dr. Sailesh Kumar Upadhyaya

Roles and responsibilities of Ministry of Health[edit]

  1. Health Policy, Planning & Implementation.
  2. Research, Planning & Development of Public Sector Health Services
  3. Research and Development of Preventive, Promotive, Curative, and Rehabilitative services associated with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy & Unani System of Medicine
  4. Health Trainings
  5. Non- Governmental Organizations associated with health services.
  6. Research, Production, Quality Control, Price Control and Sales & Distribution of drugs and control of narcotic drugs and control in sales & distribution, import, export & use of unsafe & poor quality drugs.
  7. Contact with International Health Organizations and International/ Regional Conferences, Workshops, Seminars etc.
  8. Family Planning & Maternal and Child Health & Population Planning
  9. Environmental Health Programme
  10. Health & Nutrition Education
  11. Medical and Health Councils, Academics & other Health Institutions.
  12. Nepal Health Services Act- Recruitment, appointment, transfer, disciplinary actions and other related activities.
  13. Population Policy, Planning, Programming and Implementation.
  14. Population Studies and Research, Surveys, Trainings and National/ International Seminars & Conventions
  15. Population related National & International Contact and Co-ordination
  16. Population related document publications and dissemination
  17. Migration Policy, Planning, Programming and Implementation
  18. Regular and Periodical review and Monitoring of population programmes implemented by Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations.
  19. Population related Manpower.[4]

National Health Policy 2071[edit]

National Health Policy 2071 [5]