Ministry of Health and Welfare (Taiwan)

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Ministry of Health and Welfare
Wèishēng Fúlì Bù
LOGO of MOHW.svg
Agency overview
Formed 17 March 1971 (as Department of Health)
23 July 2013 (as MOHW)
Preceding agency
  • Department of Health
Jurisdiction  Republic of China
Headquarters Taipei City
Ministers responsible
Parent agency Executive Yuan
Former MOHW building

The Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China (MOHW; Chinese: 中華民國衛生福利部; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Mínguó Wèishēng Fúlì Bù) is the ministry of the Republic of China responsible for the administration of the public health system, social welfare, affordable and universal health care, hospitals, pharmaceutical, immunization programs, disease prevention, supervision and coordination of local health agencies in Taiwan.[1]


The ministry was originally established on 17 March 1971 as the Department of Health (DOH; Chinese: 衛生署; pinyin: Wèishēng Shǔ). The department was upgraded to Ministry of Health and Welfare on 23 July 2013 with the addition from the agencies in the Ministry of the Interior responsible for social welfare following restructuring of the Executive Yuan.

The original building of the MOHW was located at Datong District, Taipei when it was still named the Department of Health and being renamed Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Executive Yuan approved the construction for the new building of the then Department of Health in 2007 at Nangang District, Taipei. After years of planning and construction, the building was finally completed in May 2014. On 18 June 2014, the opening ceremony of the MOHW new building was preceded President Ma Ying-jeou, legislatures and representatives from various government agencies and related organizations.[2]

Organizational structure[edit]

Ministry of Health and Welfare

Political departments[edit]

  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Social Insurance
  • Department of Social Assistance and Social Work
  • Department of Protective Service
  • Department of Nursing and Health Care
  • Department of Medical Affairs
  • Department of Mental and Oral Health
  • Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy

Administrative departments[edit]


List of Ministers[edit]

Minister of Department of Health[edit]

Minister of Health and Welfare[edit]


The MOHW building is accessible within walking distance East from Kunyang Station of Taipei Metro.

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