Ministry of Health (Poland)

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Ministry of Health
Ministerstwo Zdrowia
Polish Governmental and Diplomatic Plaque.svg
Official governmental wall plaque
Logo Ministerstwa Zdrowia.svg
Ministerial logotype
Agency overview
Headquartersul. Miodowa 15, Warsaw
Agency executive
Parent agencyCouncil of Ministers

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland (Polish: Ministerstwo Zdrowia Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) is one of the Ministries of the Republic of Poland. Its current minister is Adam Niedzielski.


Main gate to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland

Pac Palace in Warsaw was rebuilt in 1948-1951 according to the design of Czesław Konopka and Henryk Białobrzeski, with the elevation from the courtyard being rebuilt according to the design of Marconi, and the garden elevation according to the modified original Baroque design of Tylman of Gameren. It is currently the seat of the Ministry of Health.


Air Ambulance[edit]

Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe is an air ambulance service subordinate to the Ministry of Health of Poland. Its fleet includes 27 EC135 helicopters, and 2 Piaggio P.180 Avanti fixed wing airplanes, which operate out of 22 locations throughout Poland.

List of ministers[edit]

Ministry of Health (1918–1923)[edit]

Witold Chodźko in 1919

Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Health (1944–1945)[edit]

Ministry of Health (1945–1960)[edit]

Ministry of Health and Welfare (1960–1999)[edit]

Ministry of Health (1999–present)[edit]

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