Ministry of Human Rights (Iraq)

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Republic of Iraq
Ministry of Human Rights
وزارة حقوق الانسان
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Agency overview
Headquarters Al Mansour, Baghdad Iraq
Coordinates: 33°19′12″N 44°21′54″E / 33.32000°N 44.36500°E / 33.32000; 44.36500
Agency executives
  • Mohammed Shia' Al Sudani, Minister
  • Hussein Jasim Al-Zuhairi, Deputy Minister
  • Dr. Abdul Kareim Al-Janabi, Deputy Minister
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The Ministry of Human Rights was a cabinet-level ministry within the government of Iraq between 2003 and 2015. The Ministry was created by the Coalition Provisional Authority when the Iraqi Governning Council was formed after the invasion of Iraq.

The Ministry interested of human rights propaganda, Saddam regime victims, victims of terrorism rights, martyrs rights, prisoners rights and mass graves in Iraq.[1][2][3]

List of Ministers[edit]

The ministry was removed from the Cabinet in August 2015 by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi when he decreased the number of cabinet ministers in response to public demonstrations against corruption and government inefficiency.[5]

Ministry Offices[edit]

  • The Minister Office
  • The Deputy Minister of Administration Affairs Office
  • The Deputy Minister of Research Affairs Office
  • The General Inspector Office
  • The National Center of Human Rights
  • Humanity Affairs Department
  • performance monitoring and protection of rights Department
  • Media Center
  • Relations and International Cooperation Department
  • Administration and Financial affairs Department
  • Legal Department
  • Governorates Affairs Department