Ministry of Industrial policy (Ukraine)

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Ministry of Industrial Policy
Міністерство промислової політики України
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Coat of arms of Ukraine
Agency overview
Jurisdiction  Ukraine
Headquarters Kiev
Parent agency Cabinet of Ministers
Website Official website

The Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Міністерство промислової політики України) is a former government ministry of Ukraine; it was the main body in the system of central bodies of the executive power. It was created from the former Ministry of Economy and initially was created as Ministry of Machinebuilding, Military-Industrial Complex and Conversion in 1996 and merged with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in March 2014 with headquarters in Kiev.[1]

Sectors of industry[edit]

  • General machinebuilding
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical sector
  • Light and Woodprocessing Industry
  • Radio-electronic sector and instrument production
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy and secondary metals
  • Machinebuilding (APK; Ministry of Agrarian Policy)
  • Defense Industrial Complex


  • Ministry of Machinebuilding, Military-Industrial Complex and Conversion: 1996 - 1997[2]
  • Ministry of Industrial Policy: 1997–2000[3]
  • State Committee of Industrial Policy: 2000–2001[4] (partially responsible to Minister of Economy)
  • Ministry of Industrial Policy: 2001–2011[5]
  • State Agency in Management of State Corporation Rights and Property: 2011–presesnt[6] (some authority)
  • Ministry of Economical Development and Trade: 2011–present[7] (merged)
  • Ministry of Industrial Policy

List of Ministers of Industrial Policy[edit]

Name of Ministry Name of minister Term of Office
Start End
Ministry of Industrial Policy Vasiliy Guryeyev July 25, 1997 April 24, 2002
Anatoliy Myalitsa June 10, 2002 January 11, 2004
Oleksandr Neustroyev January 11, 2004 February 3, 2005
Volodymyr Shandra February 4, 2005 August 4, 2006
Anatoliy Holovko August 4, 2006 December 18, 2007
Volodymyr Novytsky December 18, 2007 March 11, 2010
Dmytro Kolyesnikov March 11, 2010 December 9, 2010
Mykhailo Korolenko February 5, 2013 February 27, 2014

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