Ministry of Industries and Mines (Iran)

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Ministry of Industries and Mines
Wezārate Sannat wa Maadan
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Agency overview
Formed 28 June 1906
Dissolved 3 August 2011
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Islamic Republic of Iran
Headquarters Iran Tehran, Iran
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Islamic Republic of Iran
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Government of Islamic Republic of Iran

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Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran (Persian: Wezārate Sannāye wa Maādene Irān‎‎), is the main organ of Iranian Government in charge of the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to industrial and mine sectors.

Being originally under the ministry of Trade in 1906, it was formed under the title of Ministry of Industries and Mines in 1973, and later after a series of splits and merges, it was formed again by the merger of the ministry of Mines and Metals and the ministry of Industries in the year 2000.[1]

Missions of the ministry[edit]

The missions of the ministry includes the regulation of strategies for industrial and mining developments, determining policies and plans for these sectors, and improving the efficiency and productivity of these sectors, as well as supervising, directing and supporting them. The missions also include the promotion of export of industrial and mining products and engineering and technical services, as well as improvement of management, productivity and entrepreneurship in these sectors, and the issuance of license for the related production units.[2]


The ministry consists of five deputies as:[3]

  • Deputy for Human Resources Development & Support
  • Deputy for Legal Parliamentary & Provisional Affairs
  • Deputy for Planning Development & Technology
  • Deputy for Mining & Mining Industries
  • Deputy for Industry & Economic Affairs

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