Ministry of Industry and Trade (Vietnam)

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Ministry of
Industry and Trade
Bộ Công Thương
Ministry overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Vietnam
HeadquartersHa Noi
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT, Vietnamese: Bộ Công Thương) is the government ministry in Vietnam responsible for the advancement, promotion, governance, regulation, management and growth of industry and trade. The former Ministry of Trade has its origins in 1945 with the formation of the modern National Unification Cabinet, and became a ministry in its own right in 1955.[1] The Ministry of Trade merged with the Ministry of Industry in 2007 to form the Ministry of Industry and trade. The current Minister of Industry and Trade is Trần Tuấn Anh. Ministry main offices are located in Hanoi.

Research institutions[edit]

Industry research organisations under the purview of the Ministry include the following; organisation is located in Hanoi except where noted:[2]

  • Institute for Industry Policy and Strategy (IPS), Director General: Dr. Phan Dang Tuat
  • Institute for Leather and Footwear Research, Director: Ms. Do Thi Hoi
  • Ceramic and Industrial Glass Institute (CIGI), Director: Mr. Hoang Ba Thinh
  • Research Institute of Mines and Metallurgy (RIMM), Director: Mr. Hoang Van Khanh
  • Electronics - Informatics and Automation Research Institute (VIELINA), Director: Dr. Nguyen Duy Hung Link
  • Food Industry Research Institute (FIRI), Director: Dr. Le Duc Manh
  • National Research Institute for Mechanical Engineering (NARIME), Director: Mr. Nguyen Chi Sang
  • Vegetable Oil - Flavouring and Cosmetics Research Institute (VOFCI), in Ho Chi Minh City; Director: Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong
  • Institute of Machinery and Industrial Equipment (IMI HOLDINGS), Director General: Dr. Truong Huu Chi Link

Vocational schools[edit]

Vocational schools under the purview of the Ministry include:[3]

Universities and colleges[edit]

Vocational high schools[edit]

  • Cam Pha Industrial High School, Cẩm Phả Town, Quảng Ninh Province
  • Industrial High School III, Phúc Yên Town, Vĩnh Phúc Link
  • Thái Nguyên Industrial High School, Thái Nguyên Town
  • Viet - Duc Industrial High School, Sông Công Town, Thái Nguyên Province
  • Industrial Technique High School, Bắc Giang Town/Province
  • Industry and Construction High School, Uông Bí Town, Quảng Ninh Province
  • Foodstuff Technology High School, Việt Trì City, Phú Thọ Province
  • Electrical Engineering High School, Phổ Yên District, Thái Nguyên Province
  • Industrial Economic Management School, Giai Pham, Hưng Yên

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