Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs (Ontario)

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Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs
Ministère des Affaires intergouvernementales  (French)
Ministry overview
Formed 1978
Jurisdiction Government of Ontario
Ministers responsible
  • Doug Ford, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Norm Miller, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

The Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs is responsible for intergovernmental affairs between the Canadian province of Ontario and the other provinces and territories and the Canadian government. The ministry's goal is to strengthen national unity and Ontario's role within Canada. The current Minister is the Honourable Doug Ford, also Premier of Ontario; the position is often held concurrently by the Premier.

The Provincial Secretary and Registrar of Ontario, Minister of Economics and Provincial Relations and Ministry of Federal-Provincial Relations were the positions formerly responsible for intergovernmental affairs.

List of Ministers[edit]

Treasurer of Ontario, Economics, and Intergovernmental Affairs[edit]

Intergovernmental Affairs[edit]

Asterisks indicate ministers who were concurrently Premier of Ontario.