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Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Interior Egypt.png
Logo of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior
Ministerial Department overview
Formed 1857 [1]
Jurisdiction Egypt
Headquarters Cairo, Egypt
Employees ~ 2 million
Minister responsible
Child agencies
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The Ministry of Interior of Egypt is part of the Cabinet of Egypt. It is responsible for law enforcement in Egypt. The current minister is Magdy Abdel Ghaffar.

The Ministry of Interior directs the Central Security Forces, around 325,000 in 2007; the National Police, around 500,000; and the Egyptian Homeland security, around 200,000 strong. [2]

The Border Guard Forces are organised in 18 border guard regiments. The Border Guard Forces are a lightly armed paramilitary unit, mostly Bedouins, responsible for border surveillance, general peacekeeping, drug interdiction, and prevention of smuggling. During the late 1980s, the force was equipped with remote sensors, night-vision binoculars, communications vehicles, and high-speed motorboats. The Border Guard Forces apparently used to be under the Ministry of Defence, but at some point before 2007 were transferred to the Ministry of the Interior.

As of 30 January 2011, Egyptian protesters besieged the building of the Ministry of interior. The Army negotiated a settlement with the staff and protestors, whereby the Cairo staff leave the building peaceful while the army protects the building.[3]

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