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Ministry of the Interior
Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych
Polish Governmental and Diplomatic Plaque.svg
Official governmental wall plaque
Logo MSW RP.png
Ministerial logotype
Med5 DSC0183.JPG
The seat of the ministry on Stefan Batory Street, Warsaw
Agency overview
Formed17 November 1918
Headquartersul. Stefana Batorego 5, Warsaw
52°12′40″N 21°01′00″E / 52.21111°N 21.01667°E / 52.21111; 21.01667Coordinates: 52°12′40″N 21°01′00″E / 52.21111°N 21.01667°E / 52.21111; 21.01667
Agency executive
  • Minister of the Interior
  • First Deputy Minister
Parent agencyCouncil of Ministers

The Ministry of the Interior (Polish: Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych, MSW) was a ministry responsible for internal security, law enforcement, civil defence and registry functions in Poland. The current ministry was formed on 18 November 2011, when after the parliamentary election of 9 October 2011 there was a call to restructure the then Ministry of Interior and Administration, from which it was split. In late 2015 it was folded back to Ministry of Interior and Administration.

The last minister was Mariusz Błaszczak.

History and function[edit]

The ministry was founded in 1918. It has gone through several reforms, including partial splits and mergers, throughout its history.

The post of Minister of the Interior is one of the most important cabinet positions in Poland,[1] According to the directive of the 'President of Council of Ministers' (Prime Minister) from 18 November 2011, the Minister of the Interior is responsible for:

While the ministry of the Interior supervises police forces, it does not supervise criminal enquiries; criminal enquiries are conducted under the supervision of the judiciary.

The ministry's seat is located on Stefan Batory Street, south of Warsaw's city centre and in the governmental district which surrounds the Belweder. The Ministry can be referred to by its initials 'MSW'.

Ministers of the Interior (since 1989)[edit]

Political Party:   PO   PiS   SLD   Independent   ZCHN   AWS

Portrait Name
Party Term of Office Prime Minister
2008.06.22. Krzysztof Kozlowski Fot Mariusz Kubik 01.JPG Krzysztof Kozłowski
Nonpartisan 6 July 1990 14 December 1990 Tadeusz Mazowiecki
No portrait-BFD-test.svg Henryk Majewski
Nonpartisan 12 January 1991 5 December 1991 Jan Krzysztof Bielecki
Antoni Macierewicz.jpg Antoni Macierewicz
Christian National Union 23 December 1991 5 June 1992 Jan Olszewski
No portrait-BFD-test.svg Andrzej Milczanowski
Nonpartisan 11 July 1992 22 December 1995 Hanna Suchocka
Waldemar Pawlak
(Pawlak II)
No portrait-BFD-test.svg Jerzy Konieczny
Nonpartisan 29 December 1995 26 January 1996 Józef Oleksy
No portrait-BFD-test.svg Zbigniew Siemiątkowski
Democratic Left Alliance 15 February 1996 31 October 1997 Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz
Ministry of Interior and Administration (1997-2011) see: Ministers of Internal Affairs and Administration
Leszek Miller Sejm 2013.JPG Leszek Miller
Democratic Left Alliance 1 January 1997 31 October 1997 Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz
Janusz Tomaszewski
Solidarity Electoral Action 31 October 1997 3 September 1999 Jerzy Buzek

( Buzek)

Janusz Pałubicki
Solidarity Electoral Action 3 September 1999 7 October 1999 Jerzy Buzek

( Buzek)

Marek Biernacki 2015.JPG Marek Biernacki
Solidarity Electoral Action 7 October 1999 19 October 2001 Jerzy Buzek

( Buzek)

Posel-janik-krzysztof-2013-11m.jpg Krzysztof Janik
Democratic Left Alliance 19 October 2001 21 January 2004 Leszek Miller

( Miller)

Józef Oleksy.jpg Józef Oleksy
Democratic Left Alliance 21 January 2004 21 April 2004 Leszek Miller

( Miller)

Jerzy Szmajdzinski.jpg Jerzy Szmajdziński
Democratic Left Alliance 21 April 2004 2 May 2004 Leszek Miller

( Miller)

Ryszard Kalisz 2010.jpg Ryszard Kalisz
Democratic Left Alliance 2 May 2004 31 October 2005 Marek Belka

( Belka I , II)

Ludwik Dorn Sejm 2014(cropped).JPG Ludwik Dorn
Law and Justice 31 October 2005 7 February 2007 Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz

(Marcinkiewicz), Jarosław Kaczyński

( Kaczyński)

Janusz Kaczmarek.JPG Janusz Kaczmarek
Nonpartisan 7 February 2007 8 August 2007 Jarosław Kaczyński

( Kaczyński)

Władysław Stasiak 01.jpg Władysław Stasiak
Nonpartisan 8 August 2007 16 November 2007 Jarosław Kaczyński

( Kaczyński)

Grzegorz Schetyna (cropped).jpg Grzegorz Schetyna
Civic Platform 16 November 2007 13 October 2009 Donald Tusk
(Tusk I)
Jerzy Miller - wojewoda.jpg Jerzy Miller
Civic Platform 13 October 2009 18 November 2011 Donald Tusk

(Tusk I)

Ministry of Interior (2011 - 2015)
Jacek Cichocki.jpg Jacek Cichocki
Nonpartisan 18 November 2011 25 February 2013 Donald Tusk
(Tusk II)
DSC 0086 MSW Sienkiewicz.JPG Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz
Nonpartisan 25 February 2013 22 September 2014 Donald Tusk
(Tusk II)
Teresa Piotrowska.jpg Teresa Piotrowska
Civic Platform 22 September 2014 16 November 2015 Ewa Kopacz
Replaced by Ministry of Interior and Administration (since 2015)

Other officeholders[edit]

Ministers of Internal Affairs of the Second Republic of Poland[edit]

Ministers of Public Security[edit]

Ministers of Internal Affairs of People's Republic of Poland[edit]


  1. ^ The MSW is the equivalent to the Interior Ministry of other countries, the Home Office of the United Kingdom, or similar to a combination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security (United States).
  2. ^ article 101