Ministry of Justice (Azerbaijan)

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Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan
Аzərbаycаn Rеspubliкаsının Ədliyyə Nazirliyi
Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
Coat of arms of Azerbaijan
Agency overview
Formed November 22, 1918
Headquarters Inshaatchilar ave. 1, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
Agency executive

The Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Аzərbаycаn Rеspubliкаsının Ədliyyə Nazirliyi) is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Azerbaijan in charge of regulation of the justice system, overseeing the public prosecutor, maintaining the legal system and public order and instituting law reforms.


The Ministry of Justice was one of the first ministries of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic established on May 28, 1918, the day of declaration of independence of Azerbaijan.[1] Its statute was ratified by the National Assembly of Azerbaijan on November 22, 1918.[2] The new "Statute of the Ministry of Justice" was approved by the Presidential Decree of April 18, 2006 in order to modernize the legal basis of the ministry and bring it in line with international standards.


The ministry manages the state policies and management in the field of justice through its legal expertise, record keeping and state registration of legal acts. It also takes part in development of legislation, drafting laws, formulating proposals on draft legal acts and providing legal awareness. The ministry also oversees the state registration of legal entities, maintaining register of publications. Notary activities, registering of civil status acts, intergovernmental matters on adoption, legalization of documents also fall within the scope of the ministry's activity. Furthermore, the agency is in charge of enforcement of judicial decisions, organizational provision of the courts, gathering judicial data as well as registration of grant agreements to be allocated to the non-profit organizations.[2] The ministry is currently headed by Fikrat Mammadov appointed in April 2000.

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