Ministry of Justice (Italy)

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Ministry of Justice
Ministero della Giustizia
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Agency overview
Formed1861; 157 years ago (1861)
JurisdictionGovernment of Italy
HeadquartersVia Arenula, 70

The Ministry of Justice of Italy (Italian: Ministero della Giustizia) is a department of the government of Italy. Headquartered in Rome,[1] it is headed by the Minister of Justice.


In Italy, there is no strict equivalent of an Attorney General and all comparisons risk being misleading due to the differences in the constitutional and legal systems. As a result, the very approximate equivalent of a U.S. Attorney General would be the Ministro della Giustizia who is a member of the government and head of the Italian Department of Justice. Also, the English Attorney General has no direct equivalent—as the function of legal adviser to the government does not exist as such, and part of its responsibilities are in the Avvocato Generale dello Stato, who is in charge of representing the State in any civil, criminal or administrative lawsuit, but not in charge of prosecution.

Prosecution in Italy enjoys constitutional independence from the Government, and is entrusted to a district attorney, the Procuratore della Repubblica (one for every ordinary court), the Procuratore Generale (every Court of Appeal), the Procuratore Distrettuale Antimafia, the Procuratore Generale (Court of Cassation) and the Procura Nazionale Antimafia.


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