Ministry of Justice (Somalia)

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Federal Republic of Somalia
Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Coat of arms of Somalia.svg
Agency overview
Formed November 4, 2012
Jurisdiction Somalia
Headquarters Bondhere, Banaadir, Mogadishu Somalia
Coordinates: 2°2′24″N 45°20′46″E / 2.04000°N 45.34611°E / 2.04000; 45.34611
Agency executive
Parent agency Somali Council of Ministers

The Ministry of Justice is the ministry that is responsible for the Judiciary of Somalia. It was created in 1956 during the joint Somali/Italian administration with the aim of achieving a sustainable democratic system of governance that operates within a clearly defined and predictable legal environment. The responsibility of the Ministry is to promote democracy, good governance and human rights through the development of policies and programs that enhance the enjoyment of social, economic and political rights.[1] The current Minister of Justice of Somalia is Hassan Hussein Hajji.[2]