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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Міністерство юстиції України)
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Agency overview
Preceding agencies
  • Ministry of Justice of the Ukrainian SSR (1947-1963);
  • Commission of the Council of Ministers (1963-1970);
  • Ministry of Justice of the Ukrainian SSR (1970-1990);
Jurisdiction Ukraine
Headquarters13, Horodetskoho st, Kiev
Minister responsible
Parent agencyCabinet of Ministers
Child agencies
  • State Archive Service
  • State Executive Service
  • State Penitentiary Service
  • State Registration Service
  • State Service of Ukraine for protection of personal data
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The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Міністерство юстиції України) is the main body in the system of central government that regulates state legal policy. It is often abbreviated as "Мinijust" [of Ukraine]. It is one of the oldest ministerial offices of the country tracing its history back to the beginning of 20th century.

Main objectives[edit]

  • Ensuring realization of the state legal policy and the policy in the sphere of adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union.
  • Preparation of propositions in conducting legal reforms and promoting development of a legal science.
  • Ensuring the protection of rights and freedoms of a human and a citizen in the specific field.
  • Preparation of propositions in improvement of legislation, its systematization, development of projects of legal acts and international agreements of Ukraine in legal affairs, conducting a legal expertise of projects of legal acts, state registration of legal acts, maintaining the Unified state registry of such acts.
  • Planning by the proposals of other central bodies of executive power of legislative proceedings and actions in adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union.
  • Coordination of actions in implementation of the National program in adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union.
  • Organization of implementing the decisions of judges and other authorities (officials) according to the laws, working with human resources, expert support of justice.
  • Organization of notary performance and the authorities in registration of acts of civil status.
  • Developing a legal informativeness and forming in citizens a legal outlook.
  • Fulfilling an international legal cooperation.


Headquarters of the Ministry in Kiev

The ministry consists of the central body of ministry headed by its leadership composed of a minister, his/hers first deputy, and other deputies in assistance to the minister. To the central body of ministry also belongs the government official in affairs of the European Court of Human Rights, who represents Ukraine in the mentioned international institution. The ministry regulates and controls activities of notaries (legal law representatives and executives) in Ukraine.

There are several state departments and agencies that are assigned to the leadership of the ministry, each deputy of which is also assigned a territorial representation of local authorities of justice.

  • State Archive Service of Ukraine
  • State Executive Service of Ukraine
  • State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine
    • The agency, headquartered in Kiev, operates the country's prisons.[2]
  • State Registration Service of Ukraine
  • State Service of Ukraine for protection of personal data

List of Ministers of Justice and historical outlook[edit]

Name of parent agency Chairman of government Name of minister Term of Office
Start End
General Secretariat of Ukraine Volodymyr Vynnychenko Valentyn Sadovsky June 28, 1917 August 13, 1917
Mykhailo Tkachenko November 12, 1917 January 23, 1918
Council of People's Ministers January 23, 1918 February 1918
Vsevolod Holubovych Serhiy Shelukhin February 1918 April 29, 1918
Council of Ministers (1918) Fedir Lyzohub Mikhail Chubinsky April 30, 1918 August 24, 1918
Aleksei Romanov August 1918 October 25, 1918
Andrei Vyazlov October 25, 1918 November 14, 1918
Sergei Gerbel Viktor Reinbot November 14, 1918 December 14, 1918
Council of People's Ministers Volodymyr Chekhivsky Serhiy Shelukhin (acting)
Viktor Prykhodko
Hryhoriy Syrotenko February 13, 1919
Serhiy Ostapenko Dmytro Markovych February 13, 1919 April 9, 1919
Borys Martos Andriy Livytskyi April 9, 1919 August 5, 1921
Isaak Mazepa
Vyacheslav Prokopovych
Andriy Livytskyi
Vyacheslav Prokopovych
Temporary Peasant-Worker's Government Georgy Pyatakov Aleksandr Khmelnitskiy November 28, 1918 May 1919
All-Ukrainian Revolutionary Committee Christian Rakovsky Mikhail Lebedinets May 1919 August 1919
People's Commissariat of UkrSSR Yevgeniy Tereletsky February 20, 1920 March 3, 1921
Sergei Buzdalin 1921 1921
Mikhail Vetoshkin January 1922 1922
Mykola Skrypnyk 1922 1923
Vlas Chubar 1923 1927
Vasyl Poraiko March 5, 1927 July 10, 1930
Vasyl Polyakov September 1930 1933
Mykhailo Mykhailyk July 1933 January 1935
Panas Lyubchenko Arkadiy Kiselyov-Kesler January 1935 August 1936
Khoma Radchenko September 1936 1937
Mykhailo Bondarenko Khoma Radchenko 1937 1937
Demian Korotchenko Mykola Babchenko June 1938 1939
Leonid Korniyets 1939 1944
Nikita Khrushchev 1944 1946
Cabinet of Ministers of UkrSSR 1946 March 1947
Demian Korotchenko Denis Panasyuk March 1947 January 1953
Fedir Hlukh January 1953 1954
Nykyfor Kalchenko 1954 March 1957
Kateryna Zghurska March 1957 1961
Volodymyr Shcherbytskyi 1961 April 1963
Volodymyr Zaichuk 1970 1972
Oleksandr Lyashko 1972 1987
Vitaliy Masol 1987 1990
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Vitold Fokin Vitaliy Boiko August 2, 1990 March 20, 1992
Volodymyr Kampo March 20, 1992 April 21, 1992
Leonid Kuchma Vasyl Onopenko October 27, 1992 June 16, 1994
Vitaliy Masol June 16, 1994 August 7, 1995
Yevhen Marchuk Serhiy Holovatyi September 27, 1995 May 28, 1996
Pavlo Lazarenko May 28, 1996 August 21, 1997
Valeriy Pustovoitenko Syuzanna Stanik [1st female] August 21, 1997 December 22, 1999
Viktor Yushchenko December 22, 1999 May 29, 2001
Anatoliy Kinakh May 29, 2001 May 7, 2002
Oleksandr Lavrynovych May 7, 2002 November 21, 2002
Viktor Yanukovych November 21, 2002 February 4, 2005
Yulia Tymoshenko Roman Zvarych February 4, 2005 September 27, 2005
Yuriy Yekhanurov Serhiy Holovatyi September 27, 2005 August 4, 2006
Viktor Yanukovych Roman Zvarych August 4, 2006 November 1, 2006
Oleksandr Lavrynovych November 1, 2006 December 18, 2007
Yulia Tymoshenko Mykola Onishchuk December 18, 2007 March 11, 2010
Mykola Azarov Oleksandr Lavrynovych March 11, 2010 July 2, 2013[3]
Olena Lukash July 4, 2013[4] 27 February 2014
Arseniy Yatsenyuk Pavlo Petrenko 27 February 2014 present

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