Ministry of Land & Land Reforms (West Bengal)

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Ministry of Land & Land Reforms
Emblem of West Bengal.svg
Seal of West Bengal
Department overview
JurisdictionGovernment of West Bengal
HeadquartersWriters' Building, Kolkata
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible

The Ministry of Land & Land Reforms of West Bengal is a Bengal government ministry.[1] It is a ministry mainly responsible for the formulation of policies, Acts, Rules and procedures relating to land matters, namely, land records and survey, land revenue, land reforms, land use, management of government lands, requisition and acquisition of land as well as their implementation by way of preparation and revision of Records of right, including recording of sharecroppers (bargadars); vesting and distribution of ceiling surplus land; determination of the requirement of land by tea gardens, factories etc.; mutation of ownership and conversion of classification of land; assessment and collection of land revenue and cesses; requisition and acquisition of land administration of the Calcutta Thika and other Tenancies and Lands (Acquisition & Regulation) Act, 1981, the West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act, 1997, the West Bengal Public Demand Recovery, 1913 and other Acts.[1]

Ministerial Team[edit]

The ministerial team at the MHA is headed by the Cabinet Minister for Land & Land Reforms, who may or may not be supported by Ministers of State. Civil servants are assigned to them to manage the ministers' office and ministry.[1]

The current head of the ministry is Mamata Banerjee who is also the Chief Minister of West Bengal.[1]