Ministry of National Defense (Lebanon)

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Lebanese Republic
Ministry of National Defense
وزارة الدفاع الوطني
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Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Lebanon
Headquarters Yarze, Baabda, Mount Lebanon Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°50′29″N 35°33′10″E / 33.84139°N 35.55278°E / 33.84139; 35.55278
Agency executives
Website Official website
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The Ministry of National Defense (Arabic: وزارة الدفاع الوطني‎‎ Wizārat al-Difāʾ al-Waṭanī) is Lebanon's service section for the Lebanese Armed Forces which directs the entire Army. The Ministry is located in Yarzeh, Baabda District, Mount Lebanon.[1] The building which is considered the biggest Ministry building in Lebanon was designed by the French architect André Wogenscky in 1968.[2] The ministry building also houses the Lebanese Military Museum.



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