Ministry of People's Security

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인민 보안부
Emblem of North Korea.svg
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea
Headquarters Pyongyang, North Korea
39°4′49″N 125°46′3″E / 39.08028°N 125.76750°E / 39.08028; 125.76750Coordinates: 39°4′49″N 125°46′3″E / 39.08028°N 125.76750°E / 39.08028; 125.76750
Minister responsible
Child agency

The Ministry of People’s Security (Chosŏn'gŭl인민 보안부; RRInmin Boanbu) is a law enforcement agency in North Korea.[1] It operates under the umbrella of the State Affairs Commission. Beyond policing, its services include operating the prison system in North Korea, monitoring the public distribution system and providing bodyguards to important persons.[2]

The Ministry of People’s Security gathers information from local informers in social units about irregular acts. If a case is believed to be of political nature, it is instead handed over to the State Security Department for investigation.[2]


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