Ministry of Planning (Bangladesh)

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People's Republic of Bangladesh
Ministry of Planning
পরিকল্পনা মন্ত্রণালয়
Parikalpanā mantraṇālaẏa
Government Seal of Bangladesh.svg
Government of Bangladesh Seal
Agency overview
Formed12 January 2002
JurisdictionGovernment of Bangladesh
HeadquartersSecretariat, Dhaka[1]
Minister responsible and Divisions of GOB

The Ministry of Planning (Bengali: পরিকল্পনা মন্ত্রণালয়; Parikalpanā mantraṇālaẏa) oversees the financial policies of the Bangladeshi Government, responsible for socioeconomic planning and statistics management[2]

It contains three Divisions:

  • Planning Division
  • Statistics and Informatics Division
  • Implementation Monitoring & Evaluation Division


1. Planning Division

2. Statistics and Informatics Division

3. Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division

  • Central Procurement Technical Unit[3]


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