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The Ministry of Popular Culture (Italian: Ministero della Cultura Popolare, commonly abbreviated to MinCulPop) was a ministry of the Italian government from 1937 to 1944. It was established in 1933 as the Secretariat for Press and Propaganda, which was intended to be the Italian analogue of the German Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. It became a ministry in 1935 and was given its definitive designation in 1937.[1] During its existence, it controlled most of the literary and radio channels in Italy.[2]

The Ministry famously outlawed the importation and translation of all American comic books, with the lone exception of Mickey Mouse, in 1938.[3]

List of Ministers[edit]

Portrait Term of office Political Party
Minister of Press and Propaganda
Galeazzo Ciano
Galeazzo Ciano 2.jpg 23 June 1935 11 June 1936 National Fascist Party
Dino Alfieri
Dino Alfieri.jpg 11 June 1936 27 May 1937 National Fascist Party
Minister of Popular Culture
Dino Alfieri
Dino Alfieri.jpg 27 May 1937 31 October 1939 National Fascist Party
Alessandro Pavolini
Pavolini.jpg 31 October 1939 6 February 1943 National Fascist Party
Gaetano Polverelli
Gaetano Polverelli.jpg 6 February 1943 25 July 1943 National Fascist Party

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