Ministry of Public Health (Afghanistan)

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Ministry of Public Health
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Afghanistan
HeadquartersMasoud Intersection, Airport Road Kabul, Afghanistan
Minister responsible
  • Minister Dr. Ferozudin Feroz

Afghan Ministry of Public Health is the ministry of the government of Afghanistan which deals with matters concerning the health of Afghanistan's population. This body has large funds at its disposal to train, educate and cure. As of 2015 the minister of Health is Dr. Ferozudin Feroz.[1][2] The Ministry of Public Health provides an annual report to inform the public of advancements in Afghanistan's health sector.[3]

The ministry[edit]

Following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan the Ministry of Health, along with the World Health Organization reconstructed the health sector. At the time, at least 70%[4] of the Afghan population was dependent on health services provided by the international community. Almost six million Afghans had no or very little access to medical care. In addition, 50 of the country's 330 districts had no health facilities whatsoever.

The goal of the ministry is to develop the health sector to improve the health of the people of Afghanistan, especially women and children, through implementing the basic package of health services (BPHS) and the essential package of hospital services (EPHS) as the standard, agreed-upon minimum of health care to be provided at each level of the health system. It wants to reduce the high levels of mortality and morbidity by:

  • 1) Improving access to quality emergency and routine reproductive and child health services,
  • 2) Increasing the coverage and quality of services to prevent and treat communicable diseases and malnutrition among children and adults
  • 3) Strengthening institutional development and management at central and provincial levels to ensure the effective and cost-efficient delivery of quality health services and
  • 4) Further developing the capacity of health personnel to manage and better deliver quality health services.[5]


Name Term Notes
Suhayla Seddiqi 2001-2004
Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimi 2004-2010 Was in 2010 renamed as minister of Health, but he did not receive approval from the Wolesi Jirga
Suraya Dalil 2010-2012 Did not receive approval from the Afghan Parliament and was subsequently appointed as acting minister
Suraya Dalil[2] 2012–2014 Received formal approval from the Afghan House of the People and became the official confirmed minister
Dr. Ferozudin Feroz 2015–present Received formal approval from the Afghan Parliament and became the official confirmed minister


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