Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Lebanon)

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This article is about the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport. For other uses, see Ministry of Public Works and Transport (disambiguation).
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Republic of Lebanon
Headquarters Beirut
Minister responsible
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The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (French: Ministère des Travaux Publics et Transports) is one of the government ministries of Lebanon. The incumbent minister is Ghazi Aridi.[1]


The Ministry is organised into four Directorates:

  • Directorate General of Land and Maritime Transport, responsible for setting, implementing and monitoring all policies related to land and maritime transport
  • Directorate General of Roads and Buildings, which is responsible for the construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of public roads and government buildings
  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation, responsible for setting and implementing air transport policies within the country in compliance with international policies, and for controlling the air traffic within the Lebanese territory
  • Directorate General of Urban Planning, responsible for setting and putting into practice land use policies

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