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Ministry of Strategic Affairs
המשרד לנושאים אסטרטגיים
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The Ministry of Strategic Affairs (Hebrew: המשרד לנושאים אסטרטגיים‎, HaMisrad LeNos'im Astrategi'im) is an Israeli government ministry. The ministry was created in 2006 for Avigdor Lieberman, whose Yisrael Beiteinu party had just joined the governing coalition. Lieberman had demanded the Internal Security post, but at the time was under police investigation, and the post was already held by Avi Dichter. As a result, a new post and ministry were created, with the role of co-ordinating security, intelligence and diplomatic initiatives regarding Iran and other strategic threats, reporting to Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.[1] Lieberman left the government on 18 January 2008, and the ministry was closed down in April 2008. In 2009, it was resurrected and repurposed under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.[1][2]

The ministry maintains a low public profile, due to its responsibilities for foreign spy operations, particularly illegal surveillance and subversion operations targetting BDS activists and others in the United States, according to a documentary by Al Jazeera, The Lobby.

It is currently headed by Likud official Gilad Erdan.

List of ministers[edit]

The Strategic Affairs Minister of Israel (Hebrew: שר לנושאים אסטרטגיים‎, Sar LaNos'im Astrategi'im) is responsible for the ministry, and sits in the Israeli cabinet.

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
1 Avigdor Lieberman Yisrael Beiteinu 31 30 October 2006 18 January 2008
2 Ehud Olmert Kadima 31 18 January 2008 13 April 2008 Serving Prime Minister
3 Moshe Ya'alon Likud 32 31 March 2009 18 March 2013
4 Yuval Steinitz Likud 33 18 March 2013 14 May 2015
5 Ze'ev Elkin Likud 34 14 May 2015 25 May 2015
5 Gilad Erdan Likud 34 25 May 2015

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