Ministry of Transport (Malaysia)

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Ministry of Transport (MOT)
Kementerian Pengangkutan
Ministry overview
Formed 1956; 59 years ago (1956)
Jurisdiction Government of Malaysia
Headquarters No. 26, Jalan Tun Hussein, Presint 4, 62100 Putrajaya
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Ministry executive
  • Ismail Bakar, Secretary-General
Child agencies

The Ministry of Transport (Malay: Kementerian Pengangkutan), abbreviated MOT, is a federal government agency of Malaysia responsible for transport infrastructure, headquartered in Putrajaya.


  • To provide a supply driven integrated transport network infrastructure.
  • To provide technology driven, modern and efficient transport systems.
  • To provide an excellent and safe seamless public and cargo transportation.
  • To provide a competitive environment for the transport industry.
  • To provide effective enforcement and monitoring with integrity.

Aircraft accident investigation in Malaysia is handled by the MOT.[1] The ministry has an Air Accident Investigation Bureau.[2]

List of Federal Minister of Transport[edit]

The following is a list of former and current Federal Minister of Transport.[3]

Political Party:       Alliance       BN

Federal Minister of Transport Term of Office Prime Minister
Portrait Name
Political Party Took Office Left Office
1 Abdul Rahman Talib
Alliance (UMNO) 31 August 1957 7 October 1959 Tunku Abdul Rahman
2 Sardon Jubir
MP for Pontian Utara
Alliance (UMNO) 18 November 1959 4 December 1968 Tunku Abdul Rahman
(II • III)
3 V. Manickavasagam
(b. unknown)
MP for Klang
Alliance (MIC) 4 June 1969 20 September 1970 Tunku Abdul Rahman
4 Abdul Ghani Gilong
(b. unknown)
MP for Kinabalu
Alliance (USNO) 23 September 1970 9 February 1971 Abdul Razak Hussein
(2) Sardon Jubir
MP for Pontian Utara
Alliance (UMNO) 5 January 1972 9 April 1974 Abdul Razak Hussein
(3) V. Manickavasagam
(b. unknown)
MP for Pelabuhan Kelang
BN (MIC) 5 September 1974 15 September 1979 Abdul Razak Hussein
Hussein Onn
(I • II)
5 Lee San Choon 2006.jpg Lee San Choon
(b. 1935)
MP for Segamat
MP for Seremban
BN (MCA) 1 November 1979 31 March 1983 Hussein Onn
Mahathir Mohamad
(I • II)
6 Chong Hon Nyan
(b. unknown)
MP for Batu Berendam
BN (MCA) 2 June 1983 6 January 1986 Mahathir Mohamad
7 Ling Liong Sik
(b. 1943)
MP for Mata Kuching
MP for Labis
BN (MCA) 7 January 1986 25 May 2003 Mahathir Mohamad
(II • III • IV • V • VI)
8 Chan Kong Choy
(b. 1955)
MP for Selayang
BN (MCA) 1 July 2003 9 March 2008 Mahathir Mohamad
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
(I • II)
9 OngTeeKeat.jpg Ong Tee Keat
(b. 1956)
MP for Pandan
BN (MCA) 18 March 2008 3 June 2010 Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Najib Razak
10 Kong Cho Ha.png Kong Cho Ha
(b. 1950)
MP for Lumut
BN (MCA) 4 June 2010 5 May 2013 Najib Razak
11 Hishamuddin2014.jpg Hishammuddin Hussein
(b. 1961)
MP for Sembrong
BN (UMNO) 16 May 2003 24 June 2014 Najib Razak
12 Liow Tiong Lai
(b. 1961)
MP for Bentong
BN (MCA) 27 June 2014 Incumbent Najib Razak


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