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The Ministry of Transportation of Egypt is part of the Cabinet of Egypt. It is responsible for meeting the needs of demand for transport by rail, road and water in line with Egyptian national development plans. The current minister is Hany Dahy.[1]


  • Development of facilities and the promotion of maritime transport, including line with global developments in the shipping industry
  • Modernize and develop the network of existing roads to provide greater comfort, capacity and safety, and also to expand this network to meet future needs for development.
  • Development of inland waterways of the river transport service and provide the highest levels of security.
  • Making plans for the establishment and development and strengthening of railway networks on the national level
  • Develop plans to establish subway networks (Cairo Metro).
  • Work on the development of land ports and enhancing their performance.
  • Develop plans to ensure the provision of specialized labor in the area of the ministry's activities.
  • Activate the studies and research in the field of work of the ministry.

Bodies affiliated to the Ministry[edit]

  • The General Authority for planning transportation projects
  • National Authority for Railways
  • National Authority for Tunnels
  • General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport
  • General Authority for river transportation
  • The General Authority for Land Ports and dry
  • National Institute of Transport
  • The General Authority for Alexandria Port
  • General Authority of Red Sea Ports
  • General Authority for Port Said
  • Damietta Port Authority
  • Maritime Transport Sector
  • General Authority for Maritime Safety
  • Subway Operating System
  • Super Jet
  • Maritime Data Bank of Egypt

Future plans[edit]

Rail and subway[edit]

Focus on the development of the system of transporting goods and passengers through the modernization of the fleet of tractors and wagons by importing from abroad as well as the modernization of signaling systems and track maintenance.

Develop the system of underground tunnels and complete the establishment of the remaining stages of the third and fourth line.

Roads and bridges[edit]

Provide a road network with international standards and ensure competitive service in the transport of passengers and goods and a high degree of speed and security.

Create a mass transit system developed and integrated between the provinces, while encouraging the private sector with all potential.

Maritime transport[edit]

Activate and expand the Egyptian ports to increase capacity available for carriage of exported and imported goods and passenger transfer.

Create new ports and develop the Egyptian Maritime Fleet.

Deepen the advantage of Egypt's geographical location loop transportation between East and West, North and South

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