Ministry of Energy and Water (Afghanistan)

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This article is about Afghanistan. For the other use of the redirect, see Minister for Water and Power (Pakistan).
Ministry of Energy and Water
Ministry of Energy and Water
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Afghanistan
Headquarters Darul Aman Road Kabul Afghanistan
Minister responsible
  • Minister Ali Ahmad Osmani

The Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water is a ministry of the government of Afghanistan. Following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan the ministry had the task of co-ordinating an effort to reintroduce power to areas of Afghanistan that had been cut off. Areas particularly badly affected were southern regions - Pakistan,[1] Iran and India[2] all agreed to supply power. On 17 June 2003 the Asian Development Bank agreed to give a loan of $50 million (USD) to the Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water. The loan would be spent over the next three years on projects for the production, distribution and transmission of electricity in Afghanistan.

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