Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (Brazil)

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Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Ministry overview
Formed15 March 1985
JurisdictionFederal government of Brazil
HeadquartersBrasília, Federal District
Annual budgetR$ 3,1 billion (2015)[1]
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (Portuguese: Ministério do Meio Ambiente e Mudança do Clima, abbreviated MMA) is a cabinet-level federal ministry in Brazil. The ministry emerged from the Special Secretariat for the Environment within the now-extinct Ministry of the Interior from 1974 to 1985. It has gone through several name changes since its inception.


  • National Environmental Policy
  • Environmental policies and programs for the Amazon and other Brazilian biomes
  • Water resources policy
  • National water security policy
  • Policies for the preservation, conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems, biodiversity and forests
  • Policies for integrating environmental protection with economic production
  • Regulatory and economic strategies, mechanisms and instruments for improving environmental quality and the sustainable use of natural resources
  • National policy on climate change
  • Ecological-economic zoning and other territorial planning instruments, including marine spatial planning, in articulation with other competent Ministries
  • Management of public forests for sustainable production
  • Management of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) at the federal level
  • Policies for the integration between environmental policy and energy policy
  • Policies for the protection and recovery of native vegetation
  • Environmental quality of human settlements, in conjunction with the Ministry of Cities
  • National environmental education policy, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education
  • Shared management of fisheries resources, in conjunction with the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture



  • National Council for the Environment (CONAMA)  ;
  • National Water Resources Council (CNRH)  ;
  • Genetic Heritage Management Council (CGen)  ;
  • National Council for the Legal Amazon (CONAMAZ)  ;
  • National Rubber Council (CNB)  ;
  • National Commission to Combat Desertification (CNCD)  ;
  • Steering Committee of the National Fund on Climate Change  ;
  • Deliberative Council of the National Environment Fund

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