Ministry of the Interior and Justice (Colombia)

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Ministry of the Interior and Justice
Ministerio de Interior y Justicia
Ministry overview
Formed 27 December 2002 (2002-12-27)
Preceding agencies
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Justice and Law
Dissolved 11 August 2011 (2011-08-11)
Superseding agency
Headquarters Carrera 9 № 14-10,
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
Annual budget COP$452,925,000
(est. 2010)[1][2]
Child agencies
Key document

The Ministry of the Interior and Justice (Spanish: Ministerio del Interior y Justicia, or MIJ), was at national executive ministry of the Government of Colombia responsible for the enforcement of both law and administration of justice, equivalent to the justice and interior ministries of other countries.


Order Minister Period
1st Fernando Londoño Hoyos 2002-2004
2nd Sabas Pretelt de la Vega 2004-2006
3rd Carlos Holguín Sardi 2006-2008
4th Fabio Valencia Cossio 2008-2010
5th Germán Vargas Lleras 2010-2011


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