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Minivan Daily
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founded 26 July 2005

Minivan Daily is a local newspaper of Maldives published in the Dhivehi language. The literal meaning of Minivan is "independent". The paper started publishing on July 26, 2005 — The day coincides with the Independence Day of the Maldives. This newspaper is the only daily newspaper which does not get government aid[citation needed]. In August, the second month of publishing, the printing press Novelty Printers and Publishers stopped printing the paper due to threats they received from an unknown source. Since August 2005, the newspaper has been printed on a cyclostyle machine and the size has been reduced to A4. Several journalists along with the editor Aminath Najeeb have been charged by the government for various news articles published by the paper. With its 200th edition the paper launched its website. The paper, which openly supported the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), closed in 2008 after MDP candidate President Mohamed Nasheed won the country's first democratic presidential election.[citation needed]

Minivan News is a private news website which was initially linked to Minivan Daily but in recent years has been editorially independent. It has a good reputation among diplomats and Maldivians abroad as a reliable news source.[citation needed]

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