Minlaton, South Australia

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South Australia
War memorial on Main St.
Minlaton is located in Yorke Peninsula Council
Coordinates 34°46′17″S 137°35′44″E / 34.77139°S 137.59556°E / -34.77139; 137.59556Coordinates: 34°46′17″S 137°35′44″E / 34.77139°S 137.59556°E / -34.77139; 137.59556
Population 773 (2006 census)[1]
Established 1876[2]
Postcode(s) 5575
LGA(s) Yorke Peninsula Council
Region Yorke and Mid North[3]
County Fergusson[2]
State electorate(s) Goyder[4]
Federal Division(s) Grey[5]
Localities around Minlaton:
Bluff Beach Koolywurtie Curramulka
Spencer Gulf Minlaton Curramulka
Spencer Gulf Brentwood
Footnotes Adjoining localities[2]

Minlaton is a town in central Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. At the 2006 census, Minlaton had a population of 773.[1] It is known as the "Barley capital of the world", due to the rich Barley production in the region.

Minlaton was the home town of Harry Butler, a World War I flying ace. His Bristol M1C monoplane has been restored and is preserved in pride of place in a building the centre of the town. When he flew an air mail run from Adelaide across Gulf St Vincent to Minlaton in 1919, it was the first over-water flight in the Southern Hemisphere.

Minlaton is in the District Council of Yorke Peninsula, the federal Division of Grey[6] and the state electoral district of Goyder.[4]

Thirteen miles to the west is Brown Point, commonly known as "The Bluff" or "Bluff Beach", where the boat winching system is a tourist attraction.


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