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Minna Thomas Antrim (October 13, 1861, Philadelphia – 1950) was an American writer. She is famous for the quote "Experience is a great teacher, but she sends in terrific bills."[1]

Born in Philadelphia, the daughter of William Preston Thomas and Lauretta Robbins,[2] Minna Thomas was educated at St. Mary's Hall in Burlington, New Jersey and in 1878 was married to Mr. W. H. Antrim (an editor) in Philadelphia.[2] She was well known for her collection of toasts (1902) as well as for her books for children like Don'ts for Girls and Don'ts for Boys.[3]


  • Dont's for Girls: A Manual of Mistakes, 1902
  • Naked Truth and Veiled Allusions, 1901
  • The Wisdom of the Foolish & the Folly of the Wise, 1903
  • Phases Mazes and Crazes of Love, 1904
  • Mimic's Calendar, 1904
  • At the sign of the golden calf, 1905
  • Knocks Witty Wise "and"___________, 1905
  • Sweethearts and Beaux, 1905
  • Don'ts for Bachelors and Old Maids, 1908
  • Jester Life and his Marionettes, 1908


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