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Minna Lindgren

Minna-Liisa Gabriela Lindgren (born 22 January 1963) is a Finnish writer and journalist who has become a best-selling crime-fiction novelist.[1]

Born in Helsinki, Lindgren has worked as a journalist and columnist and has written works on classical music. Her novels Kuolema Ehtoolehdossa (Death in Twilight Grove, 2013) and Ehtoolehdon pakolaiset (Escape from Twilight Grove, 2014) have both been best-sellers in Finland.[1] The latter, centred on a 90-year-old granny detective in an old people's home, reached number five on the Finnish best-seller lists in the summer of 2014.[2] The two novels form part of a trilogy which is to be completed in 2015 with The end of Twilight Grove.[3]

The English-language rights to the trilogy have been bought by Pan Macmillan who call the series "The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency". The first of the three novels will be translated as "Death in Sunset Grove" for publication in 2016. Natasha Harding of Pan Macmillan commented "The central characters are both funny and endearing and they make for an interesting detective duo."[4]


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