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School District 43 Coquitlam
Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore, Belcarra in Metro/Coast

District information
SuperintendentPatricia Gartland
Chair of the boardBarb Hobson
BudgetCA$352 million[2]
Students and staff
Other information

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) or SD43 is one of the sixty school districts in British Columbia. The district is the third largest in British Columbia with 45 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 11 secondary schools. School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) serves the Tri-Cities, including the cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and the villages of Anmore and Belcarra. The school district covers an area of 120 square kilometres and serves a total combined population of 210,390 residents.[3] It has over 4,000 full-time and part-time employees. The school district has one of the highest graduation rates in the province, with 91.9% of students graduating in the 2013/14 school year.[4]


As of January 2016, the current superintendent of SD43 is Patricia Gartland.[5] The five municipalities served by SD43 are represented by elected trustees that serve on the Board of Education. There are currently 9 elected trustees in SD43. The chair of the board is Kerri Palmer Isaak, and the vice-chair is Michael Thomas.[6]

SD43 Trustees
Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Port Moody Anmore/Belcarra
Carol Cahoon Judy Shirra Lisa Park Kerri Palmer Issak
Chuck Denison Michael Thomas Keith Watkins
Barb Hobson
Dianne Sowden

==District Programs== [1]

  • Diverse Student Services
  • Core French
  • Early French Immersion (starting in Kindergarten, or Grade 1)
  • Late French Immersion (starting in Grade 6)
  • Montessori Alternate Program
  • EAL/Multiculturalism
  • International Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Schools
  • Settlement Workers In School
  • District wide gifted programming
  • Summer Learning
  • Aboriginal Education
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Reggio-influenced Program
  • Variety of Career and Trades

French Immersion[edit]

The first French Immersion program in SD43 was implemented in 1968 at Alderson Elementary. In 1978, the district implemented a late French Immersion program. Currently there are 5,900 students enrolled in the program. This comprises 10.3% of the total district student population.[7]

Coquitlam Open Learning[edit]

SD43 offers online, Learning Centre, and FastTrack courses to eligible British Columbia students through Coquitlam Open Learning (COL). Learning Centre courses are online or paper-based and allow the student to drop in at the Coquitlam Learning Opportunity Centre (CLOC), while FastTrack courses have some regularly schedule classes, with the rest of the course instruction occurring online.[8]

COL also operates Inquiry Hub Secondary School, which is an alternate secondary school focused on a flexible and inquiry-based education. Students learn through online study, group project work, personal inquiry time, and seminars. It opened September 2012 at the former site of Millside Elementary. The school meets Ministry of Education requirements while still allowing students to meet learning outcomes with a more flexible approach.[9] Most recently, the school received the 2014-15 Ken Spencer Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.[10]

Elementary schools[edit]

Eagle Ridge Elementary School
Walton Elementary School
School[11] Location Grades Principal Address
Alderson Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Sandra Meister 825 Gauthier Avenue
Anmore Elementary School Anmore K-5 Nicole Daneault 30 Elementary Road
Aspenwood Elementary School Port Moody K-5 Kevin Akins 2001 Panorama Drive
Baker Drive Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Margaret Mary Deck 885 Baker Drive
Birchland Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Mike Gordon 1331 Fraser Avenue
Blakeburn Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Andrea McComb 1040 Riverside Drive
Bramblewood Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Lisa Salloum 2875 Panorama Drive
Cape Horn Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Bill McGovern 155 Finnigan Street
Castle Park Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Kim Tompkins 1144 Confederation Drive
Cedar Drive Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Brian Leonard 3150 Cedar Drive
Central Community School Port Coquitlam K-5 Tristan McCutcheon 2260 Central Avenue
Coquitlam River Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Ross Jacobsen 4250 Shaughnessy Street
Eagle Ridge Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Petra Kintzinger 1215 Falcon Drive
Glen Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Sarah Husband 3064 Glen Drive
Glenayre Elementary School Port Moody K-5 Perry Muxworthy 495 Glencoe Drive
Hampton Park Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Tamara Banks 1760 Paddock Drive
Harbour View Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Cheryl Woods 960 Lillian Street
Hazel Trembath Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Janine Close 1278 Confederation Drive
Heritage Mountain Elementary School Port Moody K-5 Stacey Parmar 125 Ravine Drive
Irvine Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Laurie Birnie 3862 Wellington Street
James Park Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Marco Jankowiak 1761 Westminster Avenue
Kilmer Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Andrew Corbould 1575 Knappen Street
Leigh Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Remi Collins 1230 Soball Road
Lord Baden-Powell Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Daren Fridge 450 Joyce Street
Mary Hill Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Michele Reid 1890 Humber Crescent
Meadowbrook Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Dawn Holden 900 Sharpe Street
Miller Park Community School Coquitlam K-5 Lisa Rinke 800 Egmont Avenue
Moody Elementary School Port Moody K-5 Deirdre James 2717 St. Johns Street
Mountain Meadows Elementary School Port Moody K-5 Kate McMeiken 999 Noons Creek Drive
Mountain View Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Marsha Arnold 740 Smith Ave
Mundy Road Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Rob Wright 2200 Austin Avenue
Nestor Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Darlene Proulx 1266 Nestor Street
Panorama Heights Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Wendy Yu 1455 Johnson Street
Parkland Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Anita Strang 1563 Regan Avenue
Pinetree Way Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Jason Hewlett 1420 Pinetree Way
Pleasantside Elementary School Port Moody K-5 Heather Birnie 195 Barber Street
Porter Street Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Derek Passaglia 728 Porter Street
R.C. MacDonald Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Ceri Watkins 2550 Leduc Avenue
Ranch Park Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Don Hutchinson 2701 Spuraway Avenue
Riverview Park Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Dennis Shannon 700 Clearwater Way
Rochester Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 John Goheen 411 Schoolhouse Street
Roy Stibbs Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Tricia Tipper 600 Fairview Street
Seaview Community School Port Moody K-5 Frank Pearse 1215 Cecile Drive
Smiling Creek Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Remi Collins 3456 Princeton Ave
Walton Elementary School Coquitlam K-5 Craig Mah 2960 Walton Avenue
Westwood Elementary School Port Coquitlam K-5 Bryn Williams 3610 Hastings Street

Middle schools[edit]

School[11] Location Grades Principal Address
Banting Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Bill Trask 820 Banting Street
Citadel Middle School Port Coquitlam 6-8 Abby Soh 1265 Citadel Drive
Como Lake Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Darren Stewert 1121 King Albert Avenue
Eagle Mountain Middle School Anmore/ Port Moody 6-8 Darren Macmillan 110 Dogwood Drive
Hillcrest Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Nadine Tambellini 2161 Regan Avenue
Kwayhquitlum Middle School Port Coquitlam 6-8 Laurie Ebenal 3280 Flint Street
Maillard Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Mark Clay 1300 Rochester Avenue
Maple Creek Middle School Port Coquitlam 6-8 Andrew Graham 3700 Hastings Street
Minnekhada Middle School Port Coquitlam 6-8 Susan Ross 1390 Laurier Avenue
Montgomery Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Rob McFaul 1900 Edgewood Avenue
Moody Middle School Port Moody 6-8 Trevor Kolkea 3115 St. Johns Street
Pitt River Community School Port Coquitlam 6-8 Steve Roos 2070 Tyner Street
Scott Creek Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Lisa Rinke 1240 Lansdowne Drive
Summit Middle School Coquitlam 6-8 Glenda Speight[12] 1450 Parkway Boulevard

Secondary schools[edit]

School[11] Location Grades Principal Address
CABE Secondary School Coquitlam 10-12 Cindi Seddon 1411 Foster Avenue
Centennial Secondary School Coquitlam 9-12 Jon Bruneau 570 Poirier Street
Dr. Charles Best Secondary School Coquitlam 9-12 Carol Coulson 2525 Como Lake Avenue
Gleneagle Secondary School Coquitlam 9-12 Ken Cober 1195 Lansdowne Drive
Heritage Woods Secondary School Port Moody 9-12 Todd Clerkson 1300 David Avenue
Inquiry Hub Secondary School Coquitlam 9-12 Mike McGlenen 1432 Brunette Avenue
Pinetree Secondary School Coquitlam 9-12 Jeremy Clarke 3000 Pinewood Avenue
Port Moody Secondary School Port Moody 9-12 Glen Conley 300 Albert Street
Riverside Secondary School Port Coquitlam 9-12 Anthony Ciolfitto 2215 Reeve Street
Terry Fox Secondary School Port Coquitlam 9-12 Heather Murphy 1260 Riverwood Gate

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