Minnesota's 10th congressional district

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Minnesota's 10th congressional district existed from 1915 to 1933. It generally consisted of the current 3rd and 6th districts and the southern portion of the 8th district. It was abolished following the 1930 census.

It was represented by only two people, both Republicans: Thomas D. Schall, and Godfrey G. Goodwin.

Congress Representative Party Years Notes
District created March 4, 1915
64th-68th Thomas D. Schall Republican March 4, 1915 – March 3, 1925
69th-72nd Godfrey G. Goodwin Republican March 4, 1925 – February 16, 1933 Died
72nd Vacant February 16, 1933 – March 4, 1933
District eliminated March 4, 1933