Minnesota Department of Revenue

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Minnesota Department of Revenue
Department overview
Headquarters 600 North Robert St., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55146
Department executives
  • Cynthia Bauerly, Commissioner
  • Ryan Church, Deputy Commissioner
Website www.revenue.state.mn.us

The Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) is a department of the State of Minnesota in the United States. The department manages and enforces the reporting, payment, and receipt of state taxes.[1] As of 2017, the Minnesota Department of Revenue administered more than 30 taxes totaling almost $21 billion per year.[2] With more than one thousand employees,[3] the agency is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the state's capital city.

In 2017 Minnesota DOR processed half a million paper individual tax returns, which is about 15% of all individual tax returns in the state. The other 85% were electronically filed.[3]


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