Minnesota Golden Gophers football under Glen Mason

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The Minnesota Golden Gophers were head coached by Glen Mason for ten seasons, from 1997 to 2006.[1] In those ten seasons, the Golden Gophers had 64 wins and 57 losses.[1] In the Big Ten, they won 32 games and lost 48.[2] The Golden Gophers went to seven bowl games, which is more than all other Golden Gopher head coaches combined (5 other bowl appearances in university history).

Eleven players were award All-American status under Mason.[3] Laurence Maroney was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year.[4] Twenty-four players were named All-Big Ten first team.[4] Sixteen players were named All-Big Ten second team.[4] Four players were named Academic All-American second team.[5] Tyrone Carter was named the Jim Thorpe Award winner in 1999.[5] In 2005, Greg Eslinger was awarded the Outland Trophy and Dave Rimington Trophy.[5] Matt Spaeth was awarded the 2006 John Mackey Award.[5]












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