Minnesota State Highway 22

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Trunk Highway 22 marker

Trunk Highway 22
Route information
Maintained by MnDOT
Length166.325 mi[2] (267.674 km)
Major junctions
South end CR R50 at the Minnesota – Iowa state line
  I-90 near Wells and Kiester
MN 109 at Wells
MN 30 at Mapleton
US 14 at Mankato
US 169 / MN 99 at St. Peter
MN 5 / MN 19 at Gaylord
US 212 at Glencoe
MN 7 / MN 15 at Hutchinson
US 12 / MN 24 at Litchfield
MN 55 at Eden Valley
North end MN 23 at Richmond
CountiesFaribault, Blue Earth, Le Sueur, Nicollet, Sibley, McLeod, Meeker, Stearns
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highways
MN 21MN 23

Minnesota State Highway 22 (MN 22) is a highway in south-central and central Minnesota, which runs from Winnebago County Road R50 at the Iowa state line near Kiester and continues north to its northern terminus at its intersection with State Highway 23 in Richmond, west of St. Cloud.

Highway 22 is 166 miles (267 km) in length.

Route description[edit]

MN 22 concurrent with US 169 and MN 99 in St. Peter

State Highway 22 serves as a north–south route between Wells, Mankato, St. Peter, Gaylord, Glencoe, Hutchinson, Litchfield, and Richmond.

Highway 22 parallels State Highway 15 throughout its route. Highway 22 also intersects with Highway 15 at Hutchinson.

The route crosses the Minnesota River between St. Peter and Kasota.

Highway 22 is built as a four-lane divided highway on the east side of Mankato.

The southern terminus for Highway 22 is at the Iowa state line, near Kiester, where Highway 22 becomes Winnebago County Road R50 (140th Avenue) upon crossing the state line.


State Highway 22 was authorized in 1920 from St. Peter to Paynesville.[3] In 1934, it was extended south to the Iowa state line, and its northernmost section between Eden Valley and Paynesville became part of State Highway 55.

The section of Highway 22 between Mankato and St. Peter follows the original route of U.S. Highway 169. When the parallel route west of the Minnesota River was first completed in the late 1950s, it originally carried the Highway 22 designation for a few years until it was redesignated U.S. 169 and Highway 22 reverted to its original alignment.[1]

From 1934 to 1961, the northern terminus for Highway 22 was at its intersection with State Highway 55 in Eden Valley. The Highway 22 designation was extended north to Richmond in 1961.[1] Highway 22 will be redone from Mapleton to CO RD 90 just south of Mankato starting March 27th 2017, with the project finalizing in 2019. It will be a 3 part project, with the first stage being Mapleton to Beauford in 2017. In 2018 from Beauford to CO RD 90. Finally in 2019 the Victory Drive Memorial will be finished.

Highway 22 was paved in its entirety by 1953.[1]

The new alignment section of Highway 22 on the southeast side of Mankato to U.S. Highway 14 was constructed circa 1990.[1]

Major intersections[edit]

Faribault0.0000.000 CR R50Continuation into Iowa
Foster Township12.072–
I-90I-90 exit 138.
Wells18.27029.403 MN 109South end of MN 109 overlap
18.44429.683 MN 109North end of MN 109 overlap
Blue EarthMapleton Township32.47552.263 MN 30South end of MN 30 overlap
Mapleton35.06256.427 MN 30North end of MN 30 overlap
Mankato50.56081.368 MN 83
US 14 / MN 60Interchange
NicolletSt. Peter64.074103.117 US 169 / MN 99South end of US 169 / MN 99 overlap
MN 99North end of MN 99 overlap
65.934106.110 US 169North end of US 169 overlap
New Sweden Township79.597128.099 MN 111
SibleyGaylord89.846144.593 MN 5 / MN 19East end of MN 5 / MN 19 overlap
89.987144.820 MN 5 / MN 19West end of MN 5 / MN 19 overlap
McLeodGlencoe Township103.338166.306 US 212West end of US 212 overlap
Glencoe106.633171.609 US 212East end of US 212 overlap
Hutchinson121.192195.040 MN 7East end of MN 7 overlap
122.120196.533 MN 15
Acoma Township129.945209.126 MN 7West end of MN 7 overlap
MeekerLitchfield143.080230.265 US 12South end of US 12 overlap
MN 24
Litchfield Township145.125233.556 US 12North end of US 12 overlap
Eden Valley156.901252.508 MN 55
StearnsRichmond167.063268.862 MN 23
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map:

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